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Duke’s Olympic Feet
An account of Duke Kahanamoku's trials and triumphs in swimming at the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm and how he introduced surfing to Australia.
Oahu Crowe, Ellie
Elepaio and Pūnāwai – A Waipao Adventure
This is a story about ‘Elepaio and an important discovery he made while in the forest of Waipao.
Oahu Mahoney, Vince
Furs, Sandalwood, and Whales
This resource book describes the fur trade, sandalwood trade, and the whaling indusrty. Each of these drastically changed the way of life in Hawai'i in a short period of 75 years.
Oahu Tune, Suelyn Ching
A mo'olelo of Haloa is told through his genealogy starting from the creation of Papahanaumoku and Wakea. Hawaiians acknowledge Haloa as their ancestor and their reciprocal relationship is alive today. (more…)
Oahu Armitage, Kimo
Hāloa and the Little Huli
This story expresses the importance of kalo (taro) within the Hawaiian culture. Hāloa the little huli realizes that no matter how big or small he is that he can do great things if he believes in himself and has a heart full of aloha.
Molokai Bishaw-Juario, Kananikalā
Hawaii’s Amazing Animals
This resource book talks about the different animals unique to Hawai'i and the special characteristics/ adaptations they developed to help them survive.
Oahu Coste, Marian
Hawaiian Bat: ʻŌpeʻapeʻa, The
A short story of a mother bat and her journey with her two babies. The second part of the book explains scientific facts about bats in general and opeapea.
Oahu Coste, Marion
Hawaiian Legends of Tricksters and Riddlers
A collection of twelve Hawaiian tales about island men who became tricksters in order to survive and others who became riddlers in order to win a place in their society.  
Molokai Wozniak, Patricia A.
He Iʻa Wau: E Kuailo Mai i Kuʻu Inoa! (Bilingual)
A bilingual story of a few creatures that live in the tidepools of Hawai'i. Written with clues and a picture to guide the reader to guess which creature it is, this book is interactive and allows the reader to flip the book over to read it in Olelo Hawaii.
Molokai, Oahu Lindsey, Kynaston Kaika
He Kaʻao no Hauwahine lāua o Meheanu (Bilingual)
A moʻolelo retold by the students and teachers of Ke kula ʻo Samuel Kamakau. A stingy fisherman learns a valuable lesson from Hauwahine and Meheanu, guardians of Kawainui and Heʻeia fishponds.
Molokai, Oahu Ke Kula 'o Samuel M. Kamakau
He Mau Nane Hawaii (Bilingual)
This is a book of clever Hawaiian riddles that indulge the reader in the Hawaiian language and culture accompanied by timeless illustrations.
Molokai, Oahu Armitage, Kimo
Heʻe and ʻIole Octopus and Rat (English)
He'e and 'Iole is an old Hawaiian mo'olelo (story) about the relationship of the Octopus and the Rat. Translated by Presley Keʻalaanuhea Ah Mook Sang.
Estrella, Alaura, Julian, Tytus, Jane Ann, Jenny, and Raymond