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Huli Honua Online

Huli Honua

Huli Honua figuratively speaks of this current time when our world is being “turned upside-down.” Because of this unfortunate pandemic, the world as we once knew it, is no longer. It has become immediately apparent that this is a changing era. The tides are turning and we must move with the tide or risk getting caught in an overturning undertow from which we may never make it out. Our world is changing and so must we. The foundation of our honua is fixed and firm. Hawaiian stories, history, traditions, and culture provide us a link to our past so that we will know where we are going in our future.



Hoʻīlina – Honoring Our Indigenous Legacies Inspiring Native Abilities will address the need to increase access to high-quality experiences that support literacy, and illuminate the minds of our keiki with culture, history, and legacies of the Hawaiian people through: books, reenacted moʻolelo (stories), virtual or in person “talk story” sessions and presentations. These enrichments will strengthen foundations already steeped in culture and build upon them by way of perceptivity, realization, and curiosity. Keiki will be immersed in the indigenous culture of Hawai‘i through various learning opportunities that combine authentic Hawaiian culture-based instruction and activities with innovative concepts rooted in the history and moʻolelo of this ‘āina. We will explore the lives of our aliʻi (chiefs, monarchs) and heed their words of instruction and inspiration.



This program engages learners through a series of informative videos, age-appropriate literary articles, and interactive experiences along with downloadable and printable learning tools. The resources provide learners the opportunity to explore Hawaiian culture through mo‘olelo, mele, virtual huakaʻi, and hana no‘eau, all while connecting to the importance of place and space. Resources for DOE teachers to integrate HCBE in their online teaching. 

Kūkulu Kahua

Understanding Hawaiian geology and the foundation our ʻāina is built upon.


Understanding Hawaiian watersheds and the preservation of our natural resources.

Kuana Waipao

Explore Waipao through the eyes of our limahana here at Papahana Kuaola. ʻO Waipao he ʻāina uluwehi, Waipao, a land rich and lush. A wahi pana that is full of life, nestled in the valley of Haʻikū and protected by the pali of the Koʻolau.

Moʻolelo Monday


On the first Monday of the month a traditional or modern moʻolelo depicting the culture, values, language or traditions of Hawaiʻi, will be shared through a virtual platform. These mo‘olelo promote literacy within the classroom and home, and encourage ʻohana to read and learn together. Moʻolelo are shared by staff and guest storytellers.


In the 1820’s, Kauikeaouli, Kamehameha III was the catalyst for the rise of literacy in Hawaiʻi. He stated, “ ʻO Koʻu Aupuni, he Aupuni palapala koʻu. My kingdom shall be a kingdom of literacy”. Within our moʻokalaleo, we share a literacy component that extends our moʻolelo journey. 

Moʻo ʻŌlelo

Weekly, a Mo‘o ‘Ōlelo, a succession of Hawaiian words or phrases will be shared.  The mana‘o behind each word or phrase relates to the mo‘olelo being presented.  This component will enhance cultural awareness and knowledge through Hawaiian language.

Hana Noʻeau

Preserve and practice Hawaiian lifestyle traditions through a series of online resources depicting the hana no‘eau of our kūpuna.


EKE is based on a foundation of Hawaiian culture and practices that explores the traditions of our kūpuna and provides experiential learning through mo‘olelo. Mo‘olelo will support OLA learning units. A digital book list of selected titles, a reading reflection, and activities have been designed and produced for sharing with project participants. This is a collection of books housed in the Lelekamanu Lending Library. Please contact your islandʻs educator to learn more about the availability of specific titles.