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No Image Available Hiʻiaka Battles the Wind
The mo'olelo of Hi'iaka who hears of a wind destroying Waipi'o Valley. Hi'iaka faces the wind with her magical pa'u of lightning.
Oahu Ahuli'i, Gabrielle
No Image Available Hina
The mo'olelo of Hina who loves her people but wanted to reside in a place that was more peaceful and less noisey. She found her home in the moon.
Oahu Ahuli'i, Gabrielle
No Image Available Hina – The Goddess
This book is a compilation of stories about the goddess Hina inspired by events that occured when the author experienced the power of hula and elements of nature.
Molokai, Oahu Varez, Dietrich
No Image Available Hina and the Sea of Stars
This story is adapted from the moʻolelo of Hina, goddess of the moon. Hina makes her life journey from sea to sky with the help of her brother and the beautiful ānuenue, rainbow. Today we can see Hina pounding her kapa on the moon and her kapa embracing the earth like a blanket of stars.
Maui, Molokai, Oahu Nordenstrom, Michael
No Image Available Holu the Heʻe Stands Up!
Holu the heʻe learns to be courageous and brave. He stands up for himself and learns from his kupuna how to deal with a bully.
Molokai, Oahu Omoto, Gail; Dill, Judy; Dill, Jan
No Image Available Honey Girl-The Hawaiian Monk Seal
The story of Honey Girl the Hawaiian Monk Seal who gives birth to multiple pups and survives a life threatening accident.
Oahu Walker, Jeanne
No Image Available Honu and Hina – A Story of Coexistence
A story of a Hawaiian turtle and monk seal that become friends. A family comes across them while fishing and the daughter, Pua, becomes fascinated by the monk seals. Her Aunty tells her all about this endangered species.
Oahu Ching, Patrick
No Image Available I am a Creature of the Tides: What Am I? (Bilingual)
A bilingual story of a few creatures that live in the tidepools of Hawai'i. Written with clues and a picture to guide the reader to guess which creature it is, this book is interactive and allows the reader to flip the book over to read it in ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi.
Oahu Lindsey, Kynaston Kaika
No Image Available I Mea Aha Ke Kai? (Bilingual)
An exploration of the ahupuaʻa and the role of natural resources from the mountain to the sea.
Molokai, Oahu Andrews, Lilinoe
No Image Available Ka Huakaʻi ʻImi Loa a Palila – Palila’s Great Journey
Explore with Palila as he travels from the summit of Mauna Kea to the sea. Discover what Palila finds out about how the world is changing.
Maui, Molokai, Oahu Kelekolio, Keoni
No Image Available Ka ʻāina ma lalo o ka Hōkū (Hawaiian)
This moʻolelo is based on the Polynesian migration and the ingenuity of our ancestors. Using the stars, ocean waves, clouds, wind and birds, young Manu and his brothers were able to successfully find The Island-below-the-Star.
Molokai, Oahu Rumford, James
No Image Available Kahalaopuna (Bilingual)
It said that Kahalaopuna, the goddess of the rainbow, dwells in the valley of Mānoa. This moʻolelo expresses how hurt and jealousy are overpowered by truth and love. Kahalaopuna’s ʻaumakua (guardian) continued to guide and protect her along with her parents, the elements of wind and rain.   [cpm-player skin="classic-skin" width="100%" playlist="true" type="audio"] [cpm-item file=""]Kahalaopuna[/cpm-item] [/cpm-player]
Maui, Molokai, Oahu Rumford, James