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Pahu ʻIke
Kaulana Mahina

E hele mai a aʻo mai i nā pō mahina o Hawaiʻi. Join us as we learn the different phases of the moon nights or Pō Mahina using hand motions. E makaʻala or be careful, the moon phase can differ based on location. Therefore, it is most important to kilo or observe the mahina from your location.

Nā ana Hawaiʻi

Learn a mele Anakahi Hawaii or Hawaiian measurement system with hand motions. Please join and sing along with the participants of Project Hoʻopoeko!

Hua Helu Hawaiʻi

The participants demonstrate with hand motions the huahelu Hawaiʻi or the Hawaiian Counting system. It was a counting system that was used to group things and not just for counting. Today, you could still hear fisherman using this system when counting, selling or buying fish.

Hua ʻŌlelo Hou

Find vocabulary that are commonly used in an aloha ʻāina workplace. From the ʻāina to the office, use this as a reference to help communication with your hoa hana.