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Kupualau is our curriculum and program development initiative that educates and advocates for a healthy Hawaiʻi.  Our goal is to produce and implement educational programs and curriculum that honor the connection between kānaka, ʻāina, and akua.  Our programs seek to address modern issues and build problem-solving skills through mālama ʻāina.


Mahi i ka ʻAi: Cultivating the principles of food sustainability which enable the nourishment of the body and ʻāina, with a focus on kalo. Activities and learning experiences may include:

  • Understanding the engineering and function of loʻi and ʻauwai system
  • Practicing various sustainable farming practices
  • Sharing the story and protocols around Hāloa
  • Hehi (weed suppression for soil health), waele (weeding), kanu (planting), and huki (harvesting), depending on age and readiness level.
  • Additional fees may apply for paʻiʻai demonstration


Mālama i ka Wai: Experiencing the value of Hawaiʻi’s freshwater systems through stream and spring management. Understanding the need to maintain healthy water sources for the sustainability of all living things. Activities and learning experiences may include:

  • Exploring watersheds/water cycle and the importance of wai
  • Exploring ecosystems and native/invasive species in and along the stream and spring systems
  • Removing pest species in and around the stream and spring systems
  • Various other tasks as needed to support a healthy stream and spring ecosystem


Hana ka Lima: Contributing to the needs of Waipao in service projects that support conservation and maintenance efforts and practices (available for 6th grade and up). Activities and learning experiences may include:

  • Weeding
  • Mulching
  • Planting
  • Seasonal tasks


If you are seeking mālama ʻāina learning opportunities outside of those described above or if you would like to organize multiple visits to our ʻāina as part of a larger unit or course of learning, we are open to that discussion.

The minimum program fee for Mahi i ka ʻAi and Mālama i ka Wai is $175 or $7/person for groups of 26 or more. There is no fee for Hana ka Lima. If you have questions or would like to schedule a visit for your group, please email