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‘EKE (Experiential Kūpuna-inspired Education)

EKE is based on a foundation of Hawaiian culture and practices that explores the traditions of our kūpuna and provides experiential learning through mo‘olelo. Mo‘olelo will support OLA learning units. A digital book list of selected titles, a reading reflection, and activities have been designed and produced for sharing with project participants. This is a collection of books housed in the Lelekamanu Lending Library. Please contact your islandʻs educator to learn more about the availability of specific titles.

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Pulelehua and Māmaki
A story of a mamaki tree who cares for butterfly eggs on her leaves. She nurtures the young caterpillar Ke Li'i until he is ready to become a butterfly.
Oahu Native Plants & Animals Crowl, Janice
Pulelehua Depends on the Māmaki, The
This resource talks about the Pulelehua Kamehameha and the Mamaki tree, their habitat, and the food chians they are in. There are essential questions and science vocabulary that can guide the readers.
Oahu Native Plants & Animals Kamehameha Publishing
Roosters Next Door, The
A story of a child who could not stand the roosters singing their songs because they wake him up at all hours of the early morning. When they stop singing one day, the boy wonders where his alarm clocks went....
Oahu ʻOhana, Moʻolelo, Recordings Heen, Jeri Lu
Shark Man of Hana, The
A story of understanding and appreciating each other's differences. This story shares the moʻolelo of Nanaue, the son of the shark god Kamohoaliʻi and adventurous young boys who learn of his secret. (more…)
Molokai, Oahu Kupua, Moʻolelo, Recordings Goldsberry, Uilani
Sleeping Giant: A Tale from Kauai, The
A ka'ao about a crying fish that turns into a giant when fed lots and lots of poi. The village of Kapaa ran out of kalo to feed the giant and didn't know what to do to comfort the crying...
Oahu Moʻolelo Moran, Edna Cabcabin
Stories of Life in Old Hawaii
This text presents a collection of people-focused stories emphasizing family living, traditional vocations and the land of Hawaii in the days long before Westerners arrived.   
Molokai Moʻolelo Curtis, Caroline
Storm Dog of the Koʻolaus, The
A moʻolelo of Kauhiimakaokalani, the prince of Kaaawa and the storm dog. Hiiaka on her way to Kauai spent time in a cave with Kauhi to wait out the storm until it was safe to continue her travels. (more…)
Oahu Moʻolelo, Recordings Goldsberry, Uilani
Surfer of the Century
The life of Duke Kahanmoku as an international Olympic champion and the "Father of Modern Surfing." This book also includes a timeline of highlights in his life and legacy.
Oahu Meʻe Crowe, Ellie
To Find the Way
The extraordinary historical accomplishment of the voyage from Tahiti to Hawai'i by ancient Polynesians is told from the point of view of a child. Teva departs on the Polynesian Voyaging canoe Ari'i-ati-tai along with his grandfather and a crew. Teva...
Oahu Historical Fiction, Voyaging Nunes, Susan
Torch Fishing with the Sun
A story of a boy Makoa who followed his Grandfather to the sea every afternoon to help him push his small canoe onto the water. Grandfather would say he was going to torch fishing with the sun and make it...
Oahu ʻOhana, Kai, Moʻolelo Williams, Laura
True Princess of Hawaii
This story is based on the historical events of the 1880-1881 eruption of Mauna Loa on the Island of Hawaii when Princess Luka (Ruth) Keanolani Kaunahoahoa Keelikolani traveled to Hilo to calm Pele.
Oahu Aliʻi, Historical Fiction Greenway, Beth
Tūtū and the Ti Plant
Chad, Chelsea, and their Tutu need to go inland because of the incoming storm.They stay with Aunty Betty and learn all about the ti plant, which kept them safe.
Oahu ʻOhana Goforth, Sandra
Tūtū and the Ulu Tree
Chad and Chelsea visit their Tutu who is working on a Hawaiian quilt with an ulu design. Tutu takes the children to Aunty Betty's house where they learn more about ulu and even make their own quilting pattern.
Oahu ʻOhana Goforth, Sandra
Tutu’s Quilt
When news reaches a Hawaiian family that Hawaii has been annexed to the United States, Tutu sets to work on a special quilt to show her family that, in a time of change, there is one thing that must never...
Molokai, Oahu Aliʻi, ʻOhana, Recordings Rumford, James
Umi, The Hawaiian Boy Who Became King
An imaginative retelling of an ancient Hawaiian story of the life of Umi. Umi's longing for adventure gets the best of him when he's caught in a forbidden place.
Molokai, Oahu Aliʻi, Moʻolelo Eskridge, Robert Lee
Uncle’s Magic Thrownet
Uncleʻs thrownet was magic. It could catch every fish in the sea. One day a keiki asked Uncle a question and learned an important lesson.
Molokai, Oahu Kai, Moʻolelo Yamashita, Todd
Voyage from the Past
This resource tells of Polynesian voyaging in the past to find Hawai'i. The story of Hokulea, a double hulled canoe of ancient design built with modern materials, demonstrates that early Polynesians were able to discover Hawaii without using navigational instruments....
Oahu Resource Book, Voyaging Williams, Julie Stewart
Water of Kāne, The
A compilation of short stories shared by Mary Kawena Pūkuʻi, The Waters of Kāne take us on a journey throughout Hawaiʻi.
Molokai, Oahu Akua, Meʻe, Moʻolelo, Native Plants & Animals Curtis, Caroline
Wisdom, The Midway Albatross
The oldest bird in the world, documented with banding, is Wisdom, the Midway Albatross. She was on Midway when the Japanese Tsunami hit and this is her amazing story of survival of manmade and natural disasters for over 60 years....
Molokai Native Plants & Animals
You Should Meet – Duke Kahanamoku
Written in chapters, this book tells Duke Kahanamoku's story from growing up on the beach to becoming the ambassador of aloha. Additional information about Hawai'i is provided at the end of the book.
Oahu Meʻe Calkhoven, Laurie

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