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‘EKE (Experiential Kūpuna-inspired Education)

EKE is based on a foundation of Hawaiian culture and practices that explores the traditions of our kūpuna and provides experiential learning through mo‘olelo. Mo‘olelo will support OLA learning units. A digital book list of selected titles, a reading reflection, and activities have been designed and produced for sharing with project participants. This is a collection of books housed in the Lelekamanu Lending Library. Please contact your islandʻs educator to learn more about the availability of specific titles.

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Ke Kiʻowai ʻo Honokawailani (Bilingual)
A moʻolelo of Honokawailani, where a girl doesn't come home to her parents. The mother searches for her daughter and comes to this kiʻowai (pond). When she is reunited with her daughter, she gets a shocking surprise.
Oahu ʻOhana, ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi, Moʻolelo Students of Kula Kaiapuni ‘o Waiau
Kili and the Singing Tree Snails
A moʻolelo based on historical fiction of the celebration of Lā Hoʻihoʻi Ea at Kaniakapūpū, the home of Kamehameha III. A young boy Kili explores the forest of Nuʻuanu and learns of the endemic Kāhuli. (more…)
Molokai, Oahu Aliʻi, Historical Fiction, Moʻolelo, Native Plants & Animals, Recordings Crowl, Janice
Kohala Kuamoʻo, Naeʻole’s Race to Save a King
A young boy, Kekauleleanaeʻole learns about his kūpuna, Naeʻole, through a homework assignment to search for the meaning of his name.
Molokai, Oahu Aliʻi, Moʻolelo Kawai'ae'a, Kekauleleanae'ole
Koholā and the Giant Waves
A story of Kohola who enjoys the Hawaiian waters with all of his different ocean friends. Kohola and his mother migrated to Alaska in April. When they get there, there is a tsunami that frightens Kohola and he worries if...
Oahu Kai, Moʻolelo, Native Plants & Animals Dudley, Walter C.
Koholā King of Whales
Kekala and his Grandfather explore the tide pools when Kekela sees a whale jump out of the sea. Grandfather tells him the story that his Grandmother once told him about the Kohola, the King of Whales.
Oahu Kai, Moʻolelo, Native Plants & Animals Daubenspeck, Vince
Kōlea and the Chiefʻs Cloak
This ka‘ao, is based on the battle of Mokuohai in Kona and the role that the chief’s cloak played in Hawaiian history. Today, this cloak can be found at Bishop Museum.
Oahu Aliʻi, Moʻolelo, Native Plants & Animals Guild, Alice
Kōlea and the King’s Crown
This historical fiction takes readers along King David Kalakaua's travels on his historic 1881 World Tour. King Kalakaua befriends Kolea, the Pacific Golden Plover, who reveals a little-known fact of Hawaiian history. (more…)
Molokai, Oahu Aliʻi, Moʻolelo, Native Plants & Animals, Recordings Guild, Alice
Kōlea: Story of the Pacific Golden Plover Kōlea: Story of the Pacific Golden Plover
Journey with the kōlea or pacific golden plover as it flies over 3,000 miles from the Artic Circle to the shores of Hawaiʻi. This is a story of migration and survival.
Molokai, Oahu Kai, Native Plants & Animals Coste, Marion
Kumulipo – Wā ʻAkahi
Kumulipo is the Hawaiian creation story from the first atoms of matter formed in darkness to the most complex life forms. This book shares the first section of the 2,000 line chant, accompanied by illustrations. (more…)
Molokai, Oahu ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi, Kumulipo, Moʻolelo, Native Plants & Animals, Recordings Kūlaniākea
Kupe and the Corals
Kupe and the Corals is the story of Kupe, a young boy who undertakes an amazing voyage of discovery to learn about corals and the importance of coral reefs to all of the many animals that depend upon them.  
Molokai Historical Fiction, ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi, Kai, Moʻolelo, Native Plants & Animals Padilla-Gamino, Jacqueline
Last Princess: The Story of Princess Kaʻiulani of Hawaiʻi, The
This is the life story of Princess Ka'iulani from the moment she was born to her last breath. She was expected to become queen one day. Hawaii faced many challenges in the time of her youth and she spoke out...
Molokai, Oahu Aliʻi, Meʻe, Recordings Stanley, Fay
Laukaʻieʻie A Hawaiian legend retold (English)
Pōkahi and Kaukini were blessed with a beautiful keiki by the akua (goddess), Hina. This practice was called hānai, to give a child to be reared by a loving ʻohana. Although Laukaʻieʻie would be raised by her hānai parents, her...
Molokai, Oahu Historical Fiction, ʻOhana, Meʻe, Moʻolelo Racoma, Robin Yoko
Legend of Kuamoʻo Moʻokini and Hamumu the Great Whale, The
A moʻolelo that shares the history of the Moʻokini heiau and the ancestors that built this 1500 year old temple that still exists today.
Molokai, Oahu ʻOhana, Moʻolelo Lum, Leimomi O Kamahae Kuamo'o Mo'okini
Legend of the Gourd (Bilingual)
The moʻolelo of an aliʻi wahine who was hāpai and passed away. From her piko grew the ipu, whose seeds grew two twins.
Molokai, Oahu Aliʻi, ʻOhana, Moʻolelo, Native Plants & Animals Loebel-Fried, Caren
Leilani Blessed and Grateful
During a school field trip to ‘Iolani Palace, Leilani learns about King Kalākaua and Queen Kapi‘olani’s enduring legacy of support for the Hawaiian people. Leilani is filled with gratitude. After falling asleep that night, she wakes to find herself in...
Oahu Aliʻi, Recordings Bowman, Greg and Suemori, Alan
Little Heroes Who Did Big things, The
This story is based on a Hawaiian moʻolelo about theʻōpae ʻe and how despite its size was able to save a young child. It is written in Hawaiian and English.
Kai, Meʻe, Moʻolelo, Native Plants & Animals Kahaialii Jr, Wilmont Kamaunu, Faleafine Jr, Paulo
Little Princess Kaiulani in Her Garden by the Sea
All of Hawai'i is overjoyed by the birth of Princess Ka'iulani. This is the story of her childhood in a garden made especially for her where she makes friends with a famous poet. (more…)
Molokai, Oahu Aliʻi, Historical Fiction, Moʻolelo, Native Plants & Animals, Recordings Crowe, Ellie
Lono and the magical land beneath the sea
A moʻolelo of a fisherman’s journey and his discovery of an abundance of food plants and the knowledge to grow them. Based on Mary Kawena Pūkuʻi’s “Moʻolelo Kahiko o Kumuhonua.”
Molokai, Oahu Akua, Kai, Native Plants & Animals Loebel-Fried, Caren
Luka’s Quilt
Luka and her Tutu are best friends until the quilt came along. Can they put aside their differences to enjoy a Lei Day celebration?
Oahu ʻOhana, Moʻolelo Guback, Georgia
Mahealani and the King of Hawaiʻi
Mahealani, a young girl whose parents work for the King, shares her experiences during two of her favorite royal events. Along the way, she learns about the background of these two events and about her heritage.
Oahu Aliʻi, Moʻolelo Williams, Rianna M.
Maka the Tree Snail Discovers His Worth
Despite his small size, Maka the tree snail discovers the importance of the role he plays within the forest ecosystem.
Molokai, Oahu Moʻolelo, Native Plants & Animals Omoto, Gail; Dill, Judy; Dill, Jan
Manu, the Boy Who Loved Birds
For a school assignment, a young boy discovers the meaning of his Hawaiian name from his father. He also learns about an ancient, now extinct, Hawaiian forest bird and the importance of bird conservation. (more…)
Molokai, Oahu ʻOhana, ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi, Moʻolelo, Native Plants & Animals, Recordings Loebel-Fried, Caren
Maui and the Secret of Fire
Life was difficult and food choices were limited before people knew the “secret” of making fire. Maui is determined to find out the secret of fire from the ʻalae bird, who tries very hard to keep it a secret.
Molokai, Oahu Kupua, Moʻolelo Tune, Suelyn Ching
Maui Hooks the Islands
Maui is a demigod known throughout the Pacific whose many stories are full of adventure and mischief. This story tells of how young Maui helped to create the islands of Hawaii using his wits, strengths, and a little bit of...
Oahu Kupua, Meʻe, Moʻolelo Ahulii, Gabrielle
Maui Slows the Sun
This moolelo tells of young Maui who helped the people of Hawaii by slowing the sun's journey across the sky so that daily activities could be completed before dark.
Oahu Kupua, Moʻolelo Ahuli'i, Gabrielle

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