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No Image Available Duke’s Olympic Feet
An account of Duke Kahanamoku's trials and triumphs in swimming at the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm and how he introduced surfing to Australia.
Oahu Crowe, Ellie
No Image Available Kamehameha – The Boy Who Became a Warrior King
This mo'olelo of Kamehameha begins with a lonely child wondering why he didn't have friends his age around him. He finds out about his destiny and lives out to be a gifted warrior chief.
Oahu Crowe, Ellie
No Image Available Little Princess Kaiulani in Her Garden by the Sea
All of Hawai'i is overjoyed by the birth of Princess Ka'iulani. This is the story of her childhood in a garden made especially for her where she makes friends with a famous poet.
Oahu Crowe, Ellie
No Image Available Surfer of the Century
The life of Duke Kahanmoku as an international Olympic champion and the "Father of Modern Surfing." This book also includes a timeline of highlights in his life and legacy.
Oahu Crowe, Ellie
No Image Available The Boy Who Tricked Ghosts
This is the moʻolelo of Kaʻulu lāʻau and his banishment to the island of Lānaʻi. It is a story of survival and repentance.   [cpm-player skin="classic-skin" width="100%" playlist="true" type="audio"] [cpm-item file=""]The Boy Who Tricked the Ghosts[/cpm-item] [/cpm-player]  
Molokai, Oahu Crowe, Ellie